Saturday, June 20, 2009


Malay College Youth Development Summit will soon start. There is this issue that got into the nerves of every single Malay College Boys.

Ok here's the thing. On the 21st of Jun, participants from other countries will arrive. The early plan was, they will stay overnight at Sekolah Alam Shah (for boys) and Sekolah Seri Puteri (for girls) before their 5 hours trip to Kuala Kangsar on the 22nd morning. But then, SAS n SSP will be used for Wind Orchestra Competition. So, we had to switch to Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak and Tunku Kurshiah College. So we asked their favours. SDAR said they would like to help. While TKC said they will help with two conditions.

First, they ask to let the students participate. Well, honestly it's not a problem.

secondly, they want the closing ceremony to be held at their ground. I think it's totally ridiculous. Hello! It's MALAY COLLEGE Youth Development Summit not MCTKCYDS! No offence yeah to all my tkc friends. Im not hating your school but i hate the idea gave by your thinkiamsmart teacher.

stop the nonsense,


coot said...

Greetings to you!
Hosting school summit requires enormous amount of energy,interest and enthusiasm.Perhaps the enthusiasm part is a bit too overwhelming here.It is always best to get all your facts right when voicing your grievences.Your posting of 'opportunist"demonstrated poor personal judgement of your ability as a student leader and organisor of the summit.
TKC was never a part of the bigger picture in organising the summit,thus MCTKCYDS will never materialise.Help we gave but hijacking the closing ceremony was never on our agenda.Why waste good money on closing ceremony when the glory is really in the opening and the summit itself.The female participants will be putting the night at TKC before they leave the next morning and to kill some time the students will be performing the Wind Orchestra and probably throw in a farewell dinner/supper.Is this the closing ceremony you were talking about??
You used the word 'thinkiamsmart teacher" in your closing line...i believe you owe an apology for initiating this uproar...

chill bro!!!

MD said...

Dear Haziq,

A Collegian never worry about "hijacking" ever, because the collegian will get to inventing the better one!

However, in this case, there was no hijacking: ("Majlis Penutupan MALAY COLLEGE YOUTH SUMMIT" di Dewan Hargreaves, The Malay College Kuala Kangsar MCKK pada 27 Jun 2009, jam 8.00 malam.).

Having said that, we should never say bad things to, regarding or about teachers.

Take care