Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Presidency

H. Ross Perot once said,
" that
inventories can be managed, but people must be led."

Alhamdulillah, In the name of Allah the Almighty God, with his blessings, a new president of Malay College Student Union has been selected. The official announcement was made this morning by the Vice Principal of Student Affairs Mr Fairuz Bin Leman.

Here's the positions that have been filled in:

Aiman Haziq Bin Zainuddin

Vice-President I:
Muhammad Aqwa Aliff Bin Jasmi

Vice-President II:
Amirul Ariff Bin Sazali

The 3 positions were given to us with the power of the Mr. Principal himself. He gave us the mandate to lead one of the highest organization in college. The appointment was a legal one as it is stated in the constitution of Malay College Student Union that the principal has the power to appoint any excos if the situation is out of control. As i was the only exco who won the last election ( i was the only f4 who won a seat last year. The other seats were filled by last year's f5 who had left the college), i am the most eligible to be the new president.

As the new president, i will try to improve things in college without interfering the school rules. I will try my utmost best to ensure the welfare of the people of the east and west will be taken care under me.

Insya Allah, the positions which are still empty will be filled soon. The election will take place on the 27th of Feb. Good Luck to those who will join the election!

"Fiat Sapienta Virtus"

May the force be with you.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Life Begins...

It's like I'm dreaming. As if I'm flying to Neverland with Peterpan. It's seems like yesterday i stepped into the gates. Seems like yesterday tears rolled down my face when they left me there. To gain experiences and to be independent. But the reality is, here i am.

I still remember those words that came out from my seniors' mouth. "Kau jaga koleq ni baik-baik. Bila kau jadi f5 pastikan semua benda gempak."I cant believe I'm a form five now. Man, time flies so fast. 4 years ive been taught the ups and downs of life.Final year comes. A year older, more responsibilities on my shoulders.

Kehidupan itu bermula,
Seakan-akan semalam aku baru melangkah kan kaki,
Seribu tahun pun takkan ku sedari,
Hakikatnya masa berlalu begitu pantas,
Bak petir yang berdentum di langit hitam,
Di sebalik tiang-tiang greco-roman,
Binaan Sang Putih,
Sedabad lebih usianya,
Yang menyaksikan pahit getir kehidupan ini,
Kini bermulalah suatu era baru,
Sebagai raja yang memerintah,
Akan ku kerahkan segala kudrat untukmu,
Akan ku pastikan kau disanjung tinggi,
Jatuh bangun ku pasti sentiasa bersamamu,
Oh, Kolej Melayu.

-" Don't think what college can do for you, but think what u can do for the college"-
Ahmad Khalis Nazib, A 37, Head Prefect of MCKK 2005.