Thursday, December 4, 2008

Setelah sekian lama..

Setelah sekian lama tidak melontarkan idea-idea yang tersangkut di membrane-membrane otak, akhirnya tergerak juga hati untuk melakukannya. Alhamdulillah, syukur ke hadhrat yang maha esa. Kehidupan ini berjalan dengan aman, tenang serta penuh kebahagiaan.

Akhirnya, keadaan di Lapangan Terbang Suvarnabhumi Bangkok, Thailand sudah kembali pulih beroperasi seperti biasa setelah gerakan pembantah anti-kerajaan meninggalkan kawasan lapangan terbang. Pastinya, kerajaan Thailand mengalami kerugian yang besar. Sektor pelancongan serba sedikit terjejas. Kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum seharusnya mengekalkan kedamaian yang sedia ada di negara kita. Usahlah ditimbulkan isu-isu perkauman yang mendatangkan keburukan kepada semua.

Penurunan harga minyak semalam memberi keuntungan kepada rakyat Malaysia terutamanya. Isu ekonomi dunia disifatkan sebagai tidak akan menjejaskan ekonomi negara. Alhamdulillah, ekonomi negara dapat dikawal dengan baik mudah-mudahannya.

Semoga negara aman-damai.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Im bored

Another step is taken
But yet im nowhere
Alone in the darkness
Guided by the street lights
Who can it be?
Where can it be?
Or why should it be?
I still couldn't find the answers...

Thousands of question
Get into the wires of my nerves
Connecting to parts
I tried to resist
Obstacles i went through
In the path of searching

A true meaning...

Of Life..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say goodbye to exam papers!

Hey peeps!

Alhamdulillah xm had just finished today(the others had finished last week). Yesterday had accounts n today sat for french paper. God, im so happy xm is over by now. Poor Dina, she has exam 2mrw and friday. All the best and good luck to u dear!

Well, ive got lots of work to do after this. Schedule will be packed with school programmes. Ouh! Yesterday the ruggers went to taiping for rugby clinic thingy under the penguins from uk. Damn, there was this english man aged 65. He sounded old but he could run like a young man. Ouh yeah, and there was this guy from Ireland said i spoke English very well n I sounded like an English. Haha. Im proud of myself. :D

Now im at the editorial board. Along with amer, feqs n uncle. We're watching meet the spartans. Will post the next blog soon. Chow~

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Open house

Date:25.10.08@ 26th of Syawal
Venue: Sofia's hse
Time:9pm to 1am
Theme: Arabian Night

I went to sofia's open house along with my family, ilham and his mum.

Inara and Inaz

Uncle Shahir on keyboards, Sofia on the drums and mama as the vocalist.

It was a superb night!

Next party will be new year's eve celebration! Royale Bintang here we come =)

Inara's birthday

25th of October 2001

A special day which was 7 years back. I was 9 years old and my brother Hazim was 6. I still remember that evening i was wearing yellow hse t-shirt. Waiting outside the O.T. It was the day when mama gave birth to inara. Only God knows how happy i was that time. Ayah was inside the O.T. He got the permission to enter the O.T coz he's a doctor. Around 4.30 dad came out from the O.T with a happy news. Daddy said, " it's a girl!". Then he showed us to our new sister. :)

25th of October 2008

7 years passed. Today we celebrated Inara's birthday at McDonalds.

Happy birthday dear sis! We love you! U are the best thing that happened to us.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

happy blogging

Hello peeps!

I am new here. Happy blogging!