Friday, July 31, 2009


Farid Azfar's father passed away last tuesday. Let us pray together for his soul.
May Allah bless his soul and place him among the Anbia's and As-syuhada's.
Al- Fatihah..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The test

i took the SDS test which the result will show which path or course that suits me. 

The Result:

Basically, the counselor told me i should carry on with my dreams of being a doctor and a politician. May my dream come true. Amin! Insya Allah~


Striving for the best, 

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Today, Monday as usual Mckk boys had a formal assembly in Hargreaves hall. 

Isi kandungan ucapan 1:

"Tak payah la para pelajar nak berpolitik di sini. Salahkan guru sana, salahkan guru sini. Kami dibayar untuk mentadbir. Let us the managers, manage the school. U guys just focus on your studies. Kalau nak persoalkan sangat, cikgu-cikgu tunjuk sikit kat pelajar-pelajar straight A's ni. Yang tak dapat straight A's, dah lah tak dapat result bagus, lepas tu nak persoalkan cikgu-cikgu pula. Usahlah berpolitik di sini."

Isi kandungan ucapan 2:

"Berkaitan duit kluster, ada satu badan yang ditetapkan. Bukan kami suka-suka hati buat."

Well sir, Im not trying to be rude or being a rebellion as what some of us are being labelled. What actually happened that day actually, we were discussing on certain matters to improve the environment in college. Never ever across our mind to against the admin.

Regarding with the cluster budget, we didnt even mention it. One of my colleague was asking some fund from the PTA for certain sports. I dont think college has enough budget. 

Im just doing my job. It is my responsibilities.  

Im just doing the right thing.

Voicing out loud,

Friday, July 3, 2009

Swine flu

The Malay College Kuala Kangsar - Royal Vajiravudh College of Thailand 48th annual traditional rugby match has been canceled today. This is because a student from Vajiravudh College is confirmed to be having swine flu. 8 of Malay College students have been quarantined as an early precaution. 

The match which was supposed to be held this evening, 4th of July has been postponed. The game will might be played in August. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Rebellions


A student who recently was awarded with the prestigious leadership award, was called up by the Parents Teachers Association for a meeting. Since he was the president of the student, the whole exco members had to attend the meeting too. The meeting was attended by 3 representatives from the PTA, some prefects (the others have heavy asses to come) and the student union exco members. In the meeting, the representatives from PTA asked the students if there's any problem or issues that need to be raised to the PTA. And yes, they voiced out there their points and opinions regarding a few matters. They were concerned about their people. Basically, that what leaders do isn't it? 

The next day, one of the prefect who came to the meeting was called by the principal. He told everything to the principal. But the problem is, he told the wrong facts and as if everyone was trying to against the principal. What on earth was he thinking?

And the worst thing is, the president of Students Union was called to the principal's room regarding that matter. A teacher also told him this, " Lucky you this thing happen after the speech day. Or else say goodbye to your leadership award u got".

Is it a wrong to say the right thing? Think of it yourself.. 

Receiver of the leadership award,