Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fool..

1. It's 1st of April today. I am sure millions of people are being punked today. Selamat berapril Fool.

2. The hand-over will take place soon. We'll see what Najib is capable of? And also as the new president of Umno, will he bring changes to the party? We'll see..

3. Mckk's sport day will take place on the 11th of April? Who's gonna grab the overall champion trophy? Mohd Shah is leading n leaving the 3 houses far away beyond..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

SPM. What's after that?

gosh, this year is like my final year being a high-school student or so called budak hingusan or budak sekolah or whatever they call it. Positive side of it, i wont be needing my school uniforms anymore and those strict school rules. Plus, no one will like gonna wake me up early in the morning with long rattans. That is like so cool. But before that i have like to pass this one big major exam called SPM.

Last two weeks, last year's students got their SPM results. Those who got a good one kudos to you. Im happy for you guys.

In the same time i started to feel the heat of SPM. Yesterday Iss told me bout the Bank Negara Scholarship he got which is so damn cool. I wish ill get one like that.

So here 's my target:
  1. Study hard
  2. Do well in trials
  3. Do well in SPM
  4. Get a scholarship
  5. And go to:
Monash University of Melbourne


Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

May the dreams come true

Friday, March 6, 2009

First class mentality towards a better nation

Out of sudden it came to my nerves to post this article. In recent speech given by Mr. Safwan, vice-principal of The Malay College. In his speech, he said that the PIPP (Pelan Induk Pembangunan Pendidikan) one of their mission is to produce a generation of first class mentality.

I wonder, will a first class mentality generation able to be produced if:
  1. Students' creativity are being blocked in schools by teachers.
  2. Everything in school is controlled by the teachers.
  3. Students who try to speak up are labelled as protesters.
Hurm, i wonder...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Buku sebagai teman

Selepas tamatnya kekecohan yang berlaku semasa pilihan raya KPKM 2009 serta Karnival MC-RMC, kini tibalah masa yang amat tidak digemari oleh penuntut Kolej Melayu iaitu UJIAN SELARAS SATU walaupun pada hakikatnya ujian selaras ini hanya menguji beberapa bab sahaja setiap mata pelajaran.

Jadi selamat maju jaya wahai rakan-rakan. Semoga keputusan cemerlang bakal anda kecapi.

target- semua A :)

P/s: Nak sambung study