Saturday, June 20, 2009


We got 4th again for this year's wind orchestra.

Nothing to say..


Malay College Youth Development Summit will soon start. There is this issue that got into the nerves of every single Malay College Boys.

Ok here's the thing. On the 21st of Jun, participants from other countries will arrive. The early plan was, they will stay overnight at Sekolah Alam Shah (for boys) and Sekolah Seri Puteri (for girls) before their 5 hours trip to Kuala Kangsar on the 22nd morning. But then, SAS n SSP will be used for Wind Orchestra Competition. So, we had to switch to Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak and Tunku Kurshiah College. So we asked their favours. SDAR said they would like to help. While TKC said they will help with two conditions.

First, they ask to let the students participate. Well, honestly it's not a problem.

secondly, they want the closing ceremony to be held at their ground. I think it's totally ridiculous. Hello! It's MALAY COLLEGE Youth Development Summit not MCTKCYDS! No offence yeah to all my tkc friends. Im not hating your school but i hate the idea gave by your thinkiamsmart teacher.

stop the nonsense,

71 going back 17

It was a busy when i met this 4 old boys in their early 70's. I was walking to the atm machine and i met this old boy, Dato Jimin Idris. Long short story, he asked me a favour to give a brief on Malay College to Tengku Harun who is Tengku Bendahara Kedah's son. He was doing a short video clip for his dad's upcoming birthday. Later, Dato Faiz the deputy president of MCOBA wanted to bring me and head boy for lunch at Yut Loy. Luckily Mr Safuan gave us the permission.

After we loaded our tank, Dato Faiz wanted to bring us to Salak for the next shooting session. It was really fun. Going out with a bunch of old guys( i should've called them atuk. haha). Dato Syed brought us to his place and had tea there. It was a memorable one and i wont forget it. Two young boys aged 17 going out and lepak-lepak with old grandpas who acted likes kids. Their jokes were really funny though.

"We( Malay College Boys) do grow old, but we dont grow up"- Uncle Mat.

Monday, June 8, 2009


i love to sing


Kotak gambar bergerak berwarna-warni

At last, i did the interview.
Did u watch it?

Any comments?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A piece of land

The place ill be going tomorrow.
Singapore, here i come!

fly away,

Monday, June 1, 2009


woo..feels like ages since the last time i published my thoughts in this blog.

well, a lot of things got into my nerves during that period but why am i so blank right now? hurm..
let me recall..

The non-stop political war happening in Perak really got everyone's attention. I attended this one meeting for Malay College Youth Development Summit 2009 with Dato Paduka Menteri Orang Besar Kaya Jajahan Larut Matang Selama for the homestay and community service programme. In the meeting we decided to invite Menteri Besar Perak to be the guest of honour. Well, i raised this question: "Who will we ask to come?". And they replied me back: "Menteri Besar Perak". Then i asked them back: "Zambry or Nizar?". They kept quiet and remained silent for some time.

After few days, they court announced that Nizar is the right person. But he only held that title for only a few hours. Then zambry was the right person. Will any changes occur later? A question mark there. I wonder when my question i raised back in the meeting will be answered.

Hopefully all of these political drama will end soon. The citizens are sicked and tired with all of these. All we need is a stable government which can rule the country with justice and the welfare of the people is taken care of.

Enough of political drama. Lets move on to the next thing. Lately, many things or events happened and held in koleq.From sports day to rugby interhouse to mckk-vi carnival then open day and lastly mid-term exam which really made everyone worried to the max. Well obviously everyone wants to score for their exams in order to get a scholarship to pursue studies in the future. Well, Abg Hasnul told me something that made me wonder why.. He told me that those days if ure not good in your SPM it doesn't mean you wont get scholarships. Certain of his friends passed add maths for the first time in SPM and yet they got scholarships to study abroad. Well, it's different now. The challenge is tougher. It's true Abg Hasnul. Pity us we're under pressure and stress. Should we change our educational system? People ask yourself. Ill just let Tan Sr Muhyiddin Yassin to do his duty.

* I didn't passed add maths only once. Will i get a scholarship to study in Aussie perhaps?
- a question mark there and it is almost impossible.