Saturday, June 20, 2009

71 going back 17

It was a busy when i met this 4 old boys in their early 70's. I was walking to the atm machine and i met this old boy, Dato Jimin Idris. Long short story, he asked me a favour to give a brief on Malay College to Tengku Harun who is Tengku Bendahara Kedah's son. He was doing a short video clip for his dad's upcoming birthday. Later, Dato Faiz the deputy president of MCOBA wanted to bring me and head boy for lunch at Yut Loy. Luckily Mr Safuan gave us the permission.

After we loaded our tank, Dato Faiz wanted to bring us to Salak for the next shooting session. It was really fun. Going out with a bunch of old guys( i should've called them atuk. haha). Dato Syed brought us to his place and had tea there. It was a memorable one and i wont forget it. Two young boys aged 17 going out and lepak-lepak with old grandpas who acted likes kids. Their jokes were really funny though.

"We( Malay College Boys) do grow old, but we dont grow up"- Uncle Mat.

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