Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say goodbye to exam papers!

Hey peeps!

Alhamdulillah xm had just finished today(the others had finished last week). Yesterday had accounts n today sat for french paper. God, im so happy xm is over by now. Poor Dina, she has exam 2mrw and friday. All the best and good luck to u dear!

Well, ive got lots of work to do after this. Schedule will be packed with school programmes. Ouh! Yesterday the ruggers went to taiping for rugby clinic thingy under the penguins from uk. Damn, there was this english man aged 65. He sounded old but he could run like a young man. Ouh yeah, and there was this guy from Ireland said i spoke English very well n I sounded like an English. Haha. Im proud of myself. :D

Now im at the editorial board. Along with amer, feqs n uncle. We're watching meet the spartans. Will post the next blog soon. Chow~

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bebykarlmarx said...

yea , as it's hard to find a boy who can write &&speak eng well.

afta all , u r a proud collegian right ?