Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Till then..

Shocked. I still cant believe it though i cant change anything. I didnt expect it to be this way. Feel as if it was only yesterday we had talks on ur plans and ur hopes. I didnt realize u were bidding farewell and goodbye to me. We were bestfriends and we will always be no matter where you will be. Only god knows how much i miss you and how much i love you. I know god loves you more and he has better plans for you. I know you are at a better place than us. And i know u can hear what we all say here. I really miss u and only god knows how. Thanks for being a friend, a friend who would always be there for me through ups and downs. Someday we'll meet again brother, for sure. I don't know when but everyone will be heading to the same place where you are now.
Till then..

Ikhwanul Ashraf Manja (29/1/1992 - 22/3/2010)
Rest in peace brother

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amira izzah said...

walaupun sy xknl arwah but tgk dari fb arwah sy tau rmai org merindui arwah..
semoga ALLAH cucuri roh arwah :)