Friday, January 29, 2010

The highest peak

"The price of greatness is responsibility"
-Winston Churchill

I have been in Sunway University College for about a month. And hell yeah, Im enjoing myself here. For the past on month,i made new friends and new poeple.

During my first week, I didnt really learn anything yet. Most of the classes were occupied with knowing-each-other sessions except for economics class. In the 3rd week, we were asked to do a presentation on ourselves in our econs class. So i made one. I put some pictures of myself from the past(high school days).

After the presentation, my lecturer asked me to run for the president sit.And i was like "What sit again?"

I almost forgot that the election for the Ausmat student counsil will take place soon.

At the end of the class she asked my full name and so on. I was unsure why she asked my name. ( Students and lecturers are allowed to nominate their friends and students). This morning, i was having maths class with Mr. Eric. He came to my desk and asked my name.

Here's the conversation:

Mr Eric: What's your name?
Me : Aiman Haziq
Mr Eric: Oh, so you are the one!
Me : The what?
Mr Eric: The teachers are talking about you!
Me : Is it a good thing?
Mr Eric: It is! They are talking good things about you!

Ok. That explains a lot. One of my lecturer was convincing me to go for it.

I think ill think about it. Seriously it will a big responsibility.


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.firdaus. said...

go for it la. hehe (: