Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Presidency

H. Ross Perot once said,
" that
inventories can be managed, but people must be led."

Alhamdulillah, In the name of Allah the Almighty God, with his blessings, a new president of Malay College Student Union has been selected. The official announcement was made this morning by the Vice Principal of Student Affairs Mr Fairuz Bin Leman.

Here's the positions that have been filled in:

Aiman Haziq Bin Zainuddin

Vice-President I:
Muhammad Aqwa Aliff Bin Jasmi

Vice-President II:
Amirul Ariff Bin Sazali

The 3 positions were given to us with the power of the Mr. Principal himself. He gave us the mandate to lead one of the highest organization in college. The appointment was a legal one as it is stated in the constitution of Malay College Student Union that the principal has the power to appoint any excos if the situation is out of control. As i was the only exco who won the last election ( i was the only f4 who won a seat last year. The other seats were filled by last year's f5 who had left the college), i am the most eligible to be the new president.

As the new president, i will try to improve things in college without interfering the school rules. I will try my utmost best to ensure the welfare of the people of the east and west will be taken care under me.

Insya Allah, the positions which are still empty will be filled soon. The election will take place on the 27th of Feb. Good Luck to those who will join the election!

"Fiat Sapienta Virtus"

May the force be with you.


Dian Mashita said...

Wow wow wow
This is a superb news.
Congrats, Haziq! :D

amerhadiazmi said...

The HM now elects KPKM Presidents?

Whatever happened to democracy?

I'm not saying that you can't be a pres bro, you won a seat last year hence you go up, but what about the 2 other fellas? Your vice presidents.

Can they be accepted by the people? What would the other excos who would be voted in once a fresh election is held think of these two people? Why not you, the lone KPKM set up an a-hoc committee and do an election to elect new KPKM excos, including for the vice presidential seats?

the principal has the power to appoint any excos if the situation is out of control

I'm wondering just how bad is it?


"Inventories can be managed, but people must be led"

And the best leaders are the ones the people elect right?


Just make sure KPKM don't go down the same way the Prefect Board went.


ba'ang said...


I heard the news before you make you posting here. One of your mate told me.

As a sense of a former college student. I would say this is not a very good idea on how to elect leaders (read: KPKM/MCSU/Student Board). I know that the HM has the power to make changes but in a very long term period, I can guarantee and assure you that the "democracy message" that should be exposed to young student like you all will be no longer practice.

Nevertheless, you as the president of KPKM itself should make your own stand and decision about this. Whether you can only follows the decision made by others or make your own.

Though the other exco positions will be made through an election but still, the key person at the two under the president must also be positioned through the election.

I don't know what is really behind this, but the constitution had stated that

the principal has the power to appoint any excos if the situation is out of control

And also if and only if the situation is out of the hand, can you tell the others budak koleq what is the so-called situation that have gone out of control. As far as I concerned, there is no such situation.

Back in my yesteryears, what can I conclude was, KPKM will only be a good moving (read:organizing events,student welfare) organisation if the President and his teammates under him has the power of the people (read:under a free electoral system and not by others).

You should speak louder my friend.
Let the best man win.

adi adzfar said...

we have the right to speak up
as we are the collegians ourselves
and clearly stated that the organization was malay college student union
where's the freedom to choose?
where's the democracy mr president?

r.iskandar said...

congratz,no matter what ppl say, I do hope that you can rise up to the occasion, good luck

Fendy Hasni said...

gler merletop kontroversi baru kat koleq nie kan?I am quite surprise that the president of kpkm was elected by HM and not by the students. This is very UMNO way. konon-kononnya transition plan lar nie kan. I just hope that it will not happen again in the future.

kepada saudara haziq, it was not your mistake. let bygone be bygone. apa yg penting, you do your job okey? to all present boys, stop politicking now. after all, he is your friend. daripada you guys lost in baseless assumption, it is better for you to galvanize the KPKM. do your job is better than being vocal.